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Video: Rosanne Welch on “Presenting Yourself Well on Paper”

From CareerCamp Online 2009, television writer and college professor, Rosanne Welch speaks on “Presenting Yourself Well on Paper”.

Rosanne Welch is a full-time college professor and Ph.D candidate and is also the author of two books (“Three Ring Circus: How Real Couples Balance Marriage, Work and Kids” from Seal Press, 2004 and “The Encyclopedia of Women in Aviation and Space” from ABC-CLIO, 1998) and a full time television writer/producer. Also in 1998 she researched, wrote and produced a two-part special for ABC NEWS/Nightline “Bill Clinton and the Boys Nation Class of 1963”. Her other television credits include scripts for FOX’s popular “Beverly Hills 90210” and CBS’s Emmy winning “Picket Fences” and a five year stint as a writer/producer on television’s top rated “Touched by an Angel”. Before that Rosanne was a high school English teacher and freelance writer. Her work includes editorials for the Los Angeles Times and The Cleveland Plain Dealer, book reviews and features in Young Scholar magazine and biographies for Holt Publishing’s American Peoplepedia. She was also one of the founding columnists for The Microsoft Network’s online literary magazine, Matter.

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