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Audio: Al Isago Parvez/Leo Garramone – A Career You Can Believe In

Al Isago Parvez/Leo Garramone

*** Listen to “A Career You Can Believe In”

Al Isago Parvez CEO & Representative Director of Advance Inc. www.advance-tokyo.com Native New Yorker and Executive Recruiter in Tokyo, Japan focusing on sourcing business professionals in the IT, Consumer Goods / Luxury Brand and Pharmaceutical industries for positions in Japan and Asia since 1995. Specializing in recruiting for C-level positions and mid-career hiring at multi-national corporations and startups.
17 years of living experience in Japan.
14 years of experience in executive search.
11 years of management experience at Advance Inc.

Leo Garramone Consultant at Advance Inc. Native New Yorker with corporate experience with emphasis in the following: Due Diligence, Crisis and Risk Management, Business Continuity Planning, Event Security, Fire and Safety, Vendor Reviews, Security Assessments, Project Management, Information Security and Investigations.
Specializing in recruiting for C-level, IT security specialists, accounting and HR professionals.
• 5 years experience in Law Enforcement with emphasis in General Crimes, Frauds, Computer Crimes and Protective Service.
• 10 years of regional experience within Asia.
• 12 years of leadership experience in training and mentoring subordinates.
• 13 years of operations experience.

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