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CareerCampLA 2010 Sessions – Here’s what you missed!

Update: (20100804): More videos linked to session titles

Updated (20100717): Links to videos are now included after session names

Here is the list of sessions from CareerCampLA 2010. We recorded video of most non-Breakout sessions and will be releasing that over the next few weeks here on the blog. Subscribe to the RSS feed to receive each new session automatically.

Creating your “CHAMPION” mind with Danielle Gruen – [Video]
Music Business Careers with John Braheny – [Video]
Resume Writing: How to Get Your Foot in the Door with Markell Steele – [Video]
Breakout: Acing the Interview
Breakout: Starting Your Own Business. Be Your Own Boss.

Entrepreneurship as an Alternative with Susan M. Baker
Career Path Patterns: Why the corporate ladder may not be for you with JoAnn Braheny [Video]
Showing up is not enough: Networking Tips and Tricks with Markell Steele
Breakout Resume Roundtable: Bring your resume for evaluation
Breakout: Using Social Media

Rethink, Refocus, Reinvent with Jennifer Oliver O’Connell – [Video]
Panel: Traditional Media Career Paths: How they are changing? – [Video]
Panel: Career Transitions and Should I Return to School? – [Video]
Breakout: What’s working in your job search and what’s not?
Breakout: Job Search

Your Career, Your Terms (Live Video Skype Call) with Mary-Lynn Foster and George Kreuger of BiggSuccess.com – [Video]
Network Marketing: Friends Doing Business with Patrick Boylan
The Art of Networking with Susan M. Baker and Danielle Gruen [Video]
Breakout: Money Saving Hints while you are looking for work
Breakout: How to find work in the health care field

What’s a resume for? With Mitch Krayton – [Video]
10 Things to do while you are looking with Jennifer Oliver O’Connell [Video]
County of Ventura Jobs with Dan Breakman
Breakout: Are we meant to do only one career for a lifetime?
Breakout: Mindset in Career Search

Branding Online with Jungle Jenny – [Video]
Use the Flip Camera to get your message out with Tracy Pattin
Adding to your job application with Howie Acosta, MSW
Breakout: Establishing your web presence with Eric B. Lopez
Breakout: People between jobs.org – Volunteer to help people get jobs

  1. Debbie Buchanan
    April 1, 2010 at 3:16 am

    I am thankful for the opportunity. This un-conference was so organized, and I learned a lot from the presentations I attended. The panel about returning to school or not was great. I am still impressed that after a short introduction, the speakers were able to give us individual help with our issues about the next step in building our careers. I have attended and arrange many conferences for my co-workers and I cannot believe this day was free. I exchanged a few business cards and will connect with people I met at the event. Thank you so much.

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