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Partner: Career Opportunities Column and Podcast/Douglas E. Welch

March 27, 2012 Leave a comment

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Career Opportunities, written and produced by Douglas E. Welch, is now in its 13 year of publication and 8th year as an audio podcast. Career Opportunities is focused on “Helping to Build the Career You Deserve!, just like CareerCamp itself. Each week the column and podcast covers a particular aspect of career development, always focused on what your career means to you and what it needs to thrive.

Douglas E. Welch is also the founder of Career Camp International and CareerCampLA, as well as an organizer and co-chair of Southern California CareerCamp events.

You can find Career Opportunities column and podcast, as well as links to Douglas’ ebook and careers and social media at

Books by Douglas E. Welch


Audio: Al Isago Parvez/Leo Garramone – A Career You Can Believe In

February 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Al Isago Parvez/Leo Garramone

*** Listen to “A Career You Can Believe In”

Al Isago Parvez CEO & Representative Director of Advance Inc. Native New Yorker and Executive Recruiter in Tokyo, Japan focusing on sourcing business professionals in the IT, Consumer Goods / Luxury Brand and Pharmaceutical industries for positions in Japan and Asia since 1995. Specializing in recruiting for C-level positions and mid-career hiring at multi-national corporations and startups.
17 years of living experience in Japan.
14 years of experience in executive search.
11 years of management experience at Advance Inc.

Leo Garramone Consultant at Advance Inc. Native New Yorker with corporate experience with emphasis in the following: Due Diligence, Crisis and Risk Management, Business Continuity Planning, Event Security, Fire and Safety, Vendor Reviews, Security Assessments, Project Management, Information Security and Investigations.
Specializing in recruiting for C-level, IT security specialists, accounting and HR professionals.
• 5 years experience in Law Enforcement with emphasis in General Crimes, Frauds, Computer Crimes and Protective Service.
• 10 years of regional experience within Asia.
• 12 years of leadership experience in training and mentoring subordinates.
• 13 years of operations experience.

Audio: CareerCamp Online 2009 – Dean Jensen – Podcasting for Business, Spread Your Message

February 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Dean Jensen is a Small Business Technology Consultant working in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Dean has been podcasting for over 3 years with a number of different shows. As a small business owner, Dean has the unique perspective that will help you use and understand your techonolgy while saving you money and time.


I teach a number of free classes in cooperation with my local library system. This class falls in the middle of CareerCamp and is part of my Business Series.

For a complete listing of classes, check out my blog

Here is the link to my blog post for this podcast

Here is a direct link to the audio file from the session

Video: Douglas E. Welch speaks on A Year of Leadership

January 30, 2010 Leave a comment

From CareerCamp Online 2009…

Leadership has been sorely lacking of late, but it isn’t just something that is exercised only in the executive or government suite. Leadership is something that we all should be exercising every day. This is especially true with others seem to lack the will to lead.

Join Douglas E, Welch, write and host of Career Opportunities for this presentation and discussion on leadership and its place in the world.

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Watch “A Year of Leadership” with Douglas E. Welch

Video: Rosanne Welch on “Presenting Yourself Well on Paper”

January 27, 2010 Leave a comment

From CareerCamp Online 2009, television writer and college professor, Rosanne Welch speaks on “Presenting Yourself Well on Paper”.

Rosanne Welch is a full-time college professor and Ph.D candidate and is also the author of two books (“Three Ring Circus: How Real Couples Balance Marriage, Work and Kids” from Seal Press, 2004 and “The Encyclopedia of Women in Aviation and Space” from ABC-CLIO, 1998) and a full time television writer/producer. Also in 1998 she researched, wrote and produced a two-part special for ABC NEWS/Nightline “Bill Clinton and the Boys Nation Class of 1963”. Her other television credits include scripts for FOX’s popular “Beverly Hills 90210” and CBS’s Emmy winning “Picket Fences” and a five year stint as a writer/producer on television’s top rated “Touched by an Angel”. Before that Rosanne was a high school English teacher and freelance writer. Her work includes editorials for the Los Angeles Times and The Cleveland Plain Dealer, book reviews and features in Young Scholar magazine and biographies for Holt Publishing’s American Peoplepedia. She was also one of the founding columnists for The Microsoft Network’s online literary magazine, Matter.

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