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Elsewhere: Infographic: Hot Tips For Landing Jobs at Google, Apple and Facebook

October 1, 2011 1 comment

High tech job info

First seen on…

This huge info graphic lays out tons of information about jobs in the the high-tech industry. Visit the Mashable site to read the article and see the complete (and huge) info graphic..

“[…] So, if you’re like most other young professionals and are looking to nab a job at any of those three companies, take a gander at the infographic below. There are tips on how to optimize your resume, how to land an interview and how to impress the HR team. If you’ve landed a job at any of these companies, feel free to offer tips and insights in the comments below.

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Elsewhere Online: The Job of the Job Search and Time Management

February 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Danielle Gruen of and also a CareerCampLA Co-Chair sent along this interesting and informative post from her blog.

The Job of the Job Search and Time Management
by Danielle Gruen,

An active job search is quite different from a passive job search. Which one are you really doing? Which one is your life requiring of your NOW? Be truthful with yourself…Living Careers is not here to judge.

If you are not sure the difference, then we will start here with an explanation to clarify some of this. A passive job search is one where a person is searching for jobs only using one medium; ie: the newspaper and no others. It can also be a job search where one finds her/himself searching for hours online for open positions but in the end of the week only applies for one. It can also be defined by the job seeker who speaks generally of his/her job search to friends/family/colleagues face-to-face or even via email, with little specifics giving life to what is being sought after. Some of you may have received or even sent such a mass email yourself.

Read the entire article – The Job of the Job Search and Time Management

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Elsewhere Online: Top 10 social media tips for the job hunt

February 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Susan M. Baker of sends us this useful article…

Top 10 social media tips for the job hunt

Social media can be an excellent way to find a job – if you do it right.

Sure, you can waste hours of otherwise productive time on Facebook, Twitter, and (to a lesser extent) LinkedIn. But can you turn those time sinks into job leads?

In a tough economy, a social media edge might be all the difference.

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